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The Department of Applied Mathematics at NUK was established in 2000. The faculty comprises of 11 full-time and 3 part-time academic staff, 2 postdoctoral Research Associates/Fellows and 2 administrative assistants. (In addition to the undergraduate course, the Department of Mathematics is one of the first departments at NUK to offer Master and PhD courses.) Currently, there are 192 undergraduate students, 16 MSc students and 6 PhD students.

The members of staff are fully committed to their teaching assignment. In the end-of-term assessment of teaching quality carried out by the students, the teaching quality of the department has always been rated among the highest in the university.

The department has consistently maintained a substantial research income over the years since its establishment. Our current research funding is approximately 6 million NT dollars.

The principal aim of the department is to undertake the training of mathematicians and statisticians in their pursuit of the study using mathematical methods and analytical skills on problems arisen in different areas of Applied Sciences. This is supported by the substantial computing resources that are available to all students and members of staff providing an environment that is effective and stimulating for academic study and research.