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National University of Kaohsiung, Department of Applied Mathematics

Commuting Information

1. By local bus

  1. I want to take the Kaohsiung City Bus (Refer to routes for bus 6, 28, 29, 205, 219, 245, and 301 as well as the bus schedule)

2. By train

  1. After leaving Kaohsiung Train Station, at a bus stop for Kaohsiung City Bus located on the right (next to the Far East Department Store), you can take bus 245 heading Jia-Chang Station to N.U.K or take bus 301 to the end and then switch to bus 205 to N.U.K.
  2. If you are in areas such as Min-Zu Road, Zho-Ying Section, Yan-Cheng Section or Kaohsiung Train Station, please take bus 6, 28,29, 218, or 219 and switch to bus 245 at Jia-Chang Station or Nan-Zi Station.

3. By plane

  1. After leaving your terminal, please arrive at the "Waiting Area for Main Airport Routes" and take bus 301 heading to Jia-Chang Station to the end and then switch to bus 245 to N.U.K.

4. By personal vehicle (car or motorcycle)

  1. Northbound: Locate Bo-Ai Road (or Chung-Hua Road Overpass) –> Chung-Der Road -> Zui-Hua Road -> Ho-Chang Road -> Lang-Chung Road (about 300 meters after passing Sun Yat-Sen High School) –> University South Road
  2. Southbound: Highway exit (Nan-Zi exit) -> Nan-Yang Road -> Hai-Zhuan Road -> Der-Min Road -> Lang-Chang Road (about 300 meters after passing Sun Yat-Sen High School) -> University South Road.

5. By passenger bus

  1. Take Bin-Hai Metro Bus and get off at N.U.K station (please refer to current bus routes and schedules)
  2. Take a bus from Kaoshiung Transportation Company:
    1. Nan-Zi Station: Route to N.U.K was launched on September 2, 2002. Please visit the company’s website or contact us for details.
    2. Take bus 606 from Chei-Ding and Hu-Nei
    3. Take bus 607 and 214 from Kong-Shan.
    4. Take bus 606, 607 or 214(Kuan-Zi)
    5. Take 222 and 221 (Lin-Yuan) from Lin-Yuan or Feng-Shan.
    6. Take 214, 606, or 607 from Kaohsiung Train Station or Zho-Ying.